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La Tecnología avanza vertiginosamente! Nuevo receptor SW con DRM

Nuevo Receptor DRM:

El Di-Wave 100, un nuevo radiorreceptor digital con tecnología DRM. Modelo que se espera salga al mercado en la segunda mitad de éste 2009.

Información en inglés:

The Di-Wave 100, a new DRM digital radio receiver was unveiled at the annual general assembly of the DRM Consortium in Erlangen, Germany. This is big news indeed for DRM enthusiasts as there are so few versatile stand-alone DRM receivers in production.

This announcement also coincides with other exciting news in the DRM world, namely that India and Russia are backing the digital mode for future broadcasts. See press release here.

The Di-Wave 100 has a USB/SD card reader and mp3/mp4 play-back. It sports a 3.5 inch TFT color display that reveals station identification, program information, Journaline, MOT Slideshow and listening time shift in several languages. The Di-Wave 100 can receive DRM broadcasts in SW, MW and LW as well as analogue FM and can store 768 stations in its memory.

It should be noted that the Di-Wave 100 will be the first consumer DRM receiver authorized by the FCC for sale in the United States. When FCC approval is granted, the Di-Wave 100 (a.k.a. UniWave Di-Wave) can be purchased from Universal Radio.

UPDATE: The Di-Wave 100 is slated for production in in second half of 2009.

fuente: http://swling.com/

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