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Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement Radio

Captación de FDFM Radio, emisora clandestina que dirige sus emisiones a Fiji.

23 Julio, 2012 / 08:35-08:59 (UTC)   
Frequencia:           11565 KHz   
Idioma:                    Fiji 

Su sitio web: 


Fiji listeners can tune in today to FDFM Radio SW11.565MHz "Na Domo i Viti - Kacivaka na Dina" in its first ever direct broadcast from Australia. The broadcast covers the whole of the Fiji group from the islands in the Lau Group, Lomaiviti Group, Kadavu, Yasawa Group and right through to the interiors of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.
Tests carried out in the past few weeks received positive results from designated locations around the Fiji group. The main objective of the launching of this radio station is to educate Fijians who live in the mainland and other remote areas that are not exposed to modern technology and have no access to other forms of medias such as daily newspapers, AM and FM radio stations and internet..
The advantage to listeners is that news broadcasted on this station are not going to be censored and will give listeners the true information on the happenings on the ground especially now as we gear up to public participation on important events like the constitution consultation, voter registration and the promised 2014 election.
Some information on Short Wave (SW) radios that listeners need to know are as described below:
What is a shortwave radio?
On the technical side, a shortwave radio is a receiver that can receive radio transmission on frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz. The main characteristic of these frequencies is their ability to "propagate" for long distances, making possible such world-wide communications as international broadcasting and coordination of long-distance shipping.
(Unit of frequency is hertz (Hz) – 1000Hz = 1 kiloHertz (kHz):  therefore 3 – 30 MegaHertz (MHz) is equivalent to 3000 – 30000 kHz)
What do I need to know to tune into SW11565?
All you need to know to begin is how to tune a radio. There are no special knowledge or skill requirements; however, as you gain experience and develop special listening techniques, your listening enjoyment increases accordingly. The basic equipment you would need is a radio and a list of frequencies. In most cases, you can receive many stations using the antenna that comes with the radio.
What accessories can I use to improve my listening enjoyment?
There are several things you can get which will affect your listening enjoyment:
Antennas -  pull in more distant and/or weaker stations
Headphones -  allow you to focus on the transmissions without outside interference
External Speakers  -  allow you to improve on the built-in speakers
Listening Guides and Reference Books -  give you information on stations, frequencies and using your equipment
The last and most important "accessory" is Experience. Time spent working with your shortwave unit teaches you the skills and information to get the most out of shortwave listening, such as the best times in your area for reception and how to best use your equipment.
What types are available?
Shortwave radios are distinguished from each other by tuning method, size, and frequency range. 

Contact us on email: fijidemocracy@hotmail.com if you have any information that people in Fiji need to hear.

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