viernes, 15 de abril de 2016

Madagascar World Voice nuevamente al aire por onda corta.

Desafortunadamente no hay muy buenas noticias cuando se trata de la radiodifusión internacional en bandas de onda corta en la actualidad, por eso cuando surge alguna nota positiva se destaca.

Así tenemos que la organización cristiana World Christian Broadcasting (también operadora de KNLS de Anchor Point, Alaska) anuncia en su sitio web, que después de salir al aire y tener problemas, ha retornado al éter.

Esta es la publicación:

2nd Quarter 2016- News Update
Madagascar World Voice is Now on the Air 
March 27, 2016 will be a date that will be important to the work of World Christian Broadcasting and also for the Lord’s Church.  On that date, the new station in Madagascar went on the air broadcasting 13 hours every day to areas of the world that have been cut off from hearing the gospel message.  At a January meeting of the High Frequency Coordinating Council (FCC equivalent here in America), we were able to finalize all our requests for frequencies that we needed to blanket the globe.  Programs are now being broadcast to the Middle East in Arabic, to Africa with English for Africa programs and in Spanish to South America.  New areas in Russia, China and the Pacific Rim now hear the gospel from the Madagascar station.  Many emails and texts were received within hours after going on the air, indicating we were being heard throughout our new broadcast area.  Praise God!
Franklin, Miami and Anchor Point, Alaska are Very Busy Places 
Broadcasts in Spanish are covering Cuba and most of Latin America several hours each week from time purchased from three Spanish radio stations.  Twenty (20) hours of programs each day are being sent out from Station KNLS in Alaska.  Ten hours of Mandarin Chinese, five hours of English and five hours of Russian broadcasts are blanketing about half the world each day.  Over seven million hits occurred last year on our six websites.  A new transmitter has replaced the 32-year old transmitter in Alaska, which gives us a solid infrastructure there for the next 20 years.  In Franklin, TN over the last year, we have recorded many hours of Arabic, Spanish and English for Africa programs in anticipation of the new station going on line.  Bibles, correspondence courses and other religious material are sent from Franklin, from Alaska and from our response offices in Hong Kong, China and Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Please Be Prayerful 
Pray for more listeners.  Pray for courage for our listeners who live in areas hostile to Christianity.  Our staff who writes and records all of our programs covets your prayers.  Please pray that they will know the needs of their listeners, and their programming will have the ability to connect billions of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pray for all of the donors of World Christian Broadcasting that they will continue to support this God blessed ministry to make a genuine impact in The Middle East, Russia, China, Africa, South America, India, and many other areas that will receive our signal.  Pray for the tsunami warnings we will be able to send so they will benefit many people’s lives.  Most of all, pray that God will be glorified in all that we do. 
Andy Baker


Todo el esquema de transmisiones está en el sitio:

World Christian Broadcasting

605 Bradley Court, Franklin, Tennessee 37067, 

TEL: 615-371-8707

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