lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008

Radio Voice of Nigeria


Founded in 1961, the Voice on Nigeria began as the external service of the then Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (now Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria). The station was commissioned by the then Prime Minister, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and commenced operations on the first of January 1962.

The nation's growing role in the continent informed the need to have an external channel through which authoritative information about the African situation could be disseminated to the entire world. Even then its transmission, using a 10KW HF transmitter, was limited to West Africa for two hours daily in English and French. Broadcast hours increased to six in 1963 with the commissioning of five prototype RCA 100KW transmitters.

In 1989, five Brown Boveri transmitters with antennae system were acquired. On January 5 1990, VON became autonomous, and in 1996, three 250KW Thomcast AG transmitters were commissioned. This boosted VON's transmission to the entire world. The transmitting station is located on 40 hectares at Ipokodo in Ikorodu, in the South western state of Lagos. While the Administrative Headquarters is in Abuja, the Federal Capital, News and Programmers emanate from both the Lagos and Abuja studios.

By statute, VON shall, among others:

Provide as a public service in the interest of Nigeria, radio broadcasting services for global reception in such time as the Corporation in such languages and at such time as the Corporation may specify;

Erect, maintain and operate radio transmitting and receiving stations;

Enter into arrangement(s) with the Federal or state Governments, Companies Information Centres, Charitable Organisations and Foreign Bodies for the purposes of obtaining information licenses, right or privilege;

Collect, receive, provide or subscribe to the News Agency of Nigeria, news of information in any part of the world and in the manner the Corporation deems fit;

Acquire copyright;

Publish, print and reproduce any matter that may be conducive to the performance of any of its functions and offer for sale for commercial purposes any part so published, printed or reproduced;

Produce, manufacture, purchase and acquire tapes, microphones, loud-speakers, gramophones, mechanical records and other similar equipment;

Provide facilities for the training, advancement and enhancement of the skill and efficiency of persons employed in its services and

Carry out such other activities as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of all or any of the functions conferred on it.

The Corporation shall ensure that its services reflect views of Nigeria as a Federation and give adequate expression to the culture, characteristics, affairs and opinions of Nigeria;

The Corporation shall ensure that its news and programmes enhance Nigerian's foreign policy and image;

The Corporation shall, to the exclusion of any other broadcasting authority or any other body in Nigeria, be responsible for broadcasting externally, by radio, Nigeria's viewpoint to any part of the world.


El audio corresponde a una captación realizada el 16 de Febrero 2008, frecuencia de 7255 KHz, a las 21:55 UTC, cierre de transmisión en idioma francés e inicio de lengua vernácula.

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