lunes, 4 de febrero de 2008

Radio The Voice of The People de Zimbabwe

Radio The Voice of The People- VOP
Radio Voice of the People (VOP) is a communications trust whose programmes are broadcast every evening on short wave. It was established in the year 2000 as an alternative voice for Zimbabweans in the run up to that year’s Parliamentary elections. A board of trustees leads Radio VOP on policy matters while day to day operations are overseen by a full time executive director who is in charge of broadcast journalists and other support staff. In August 2002 Radio VOP suffered a major setback when its offices were completely destroyed in a bomb blast perpetrated by some unknown assailants who are still to be brought to book. However the station back on the air in full swing with new and exciting programmes. VOP advocates for the opening up of the airwaves in Zimbabwe.

Address: Radio Voice of the People, P.O. Box 5750 Harare, Zimbabwe

E-Mail: OR

El audio corresponde a una recepción por los 11610 KHz, a las 4:40 UTC del 5 Febrero 2008. Con muy buena señal.

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